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Tips for Good Domain Name & Website Hosting

UseTogether is a blogging company who is focusing on good Business Domain Names & Website Hosting Servers due to many reasons. We aimed to help all the newbies as Website Owners. Due to a lack of technical expertise, many of the website owners get scrap development from the Website Development Companies. We are trying to focus on the following topics here:

    1. Domain Name Registration
    2. Shared Web Hosting
    3. WordPress Managed Hosting
    4. Cloud Hosting Servers
    5. VPS Hosting Servers
    6. Managed Dedicated Servers
    7. SEO Tips & Guidelines

Above all the products are necessary for the Website Owners to focus on for better company operations. If they are failed in doing so, they can lose their business resulting in bankruptcy.

This is the first most important note to understand the role of Business Domain Name and Website Hosting. Domain Name is the address of your brand and Website Hosting is the online storage of your products. So both are more than important for anyone.

How to Select Good Domain Names

Selecting a Good Business Domain Name is the first important step. If you have a great name, you can go more longer in branding. There are few tips and points to keep in mind while choosing a great domain name.

      1. Domain Name must be Short
      2. Easy to Remember
      3. Easy to Pronounce
      4. Easy to Spell
      5. Brand-able Name
      6. Focus on .com TLD
      7. Without any hyphen
      8. Without any number
      9. Keyword Rich but should be broad
      10. EMD if the focus is on a single topic

Naming business matters a lot. We need to focus on brandable short, sweet and sleek names but .com TLD is normally not available for such names. Well! in that case, we can look at other TLDs like .net or .pk as well. But we need to be wise enough to choose the Brand & Business Domain Name.

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